Mess with my meds? I mess you up!


I realize this is small potatoes compared to those fighting insurance on denied IVIG claims…but it’s the same issue!!!  

It’s infuriorating!  

Why does INSURANCE get to decide what’s best for my health?  I thought that was my DOCTOR’s job?  Afterall, she went to medical school, and she knows my medical history, she did the research and she she does the examinations!  All insurance did was assume something based on general knowledge about a medication without applying it to my particular disease!  

But who am I to argue?  I’m nobody… I just pay the premiums, copays and deductibles.  My bad!  I guess I’m better off being weak.  Perhaps you’d rather pay for a trip to the ER or a hospitalization for myasthenic crisis?  I can certainly arrange that by going by YOUR dosing instead of what my DOCTOR prescribed!

Thanks so much for your concern for my health BCBS! I feel so safe in your “care”……. you saved me from actually treating my disease instead of saving you money!  Wow, my priorities were seriously screwed up.  


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