May I take a moment to digress? Proud mama moment to share…

This is not related to MG, CMS or Thymoma…but is still worth sharing 😊

Yesterday, my daughter did something I will never forget… We were at the American Girl Store in Scottsdale and she had a shopping bag she was filling with accessories as she decided if she’d use the money she saved for months on those accessories or a doll she’s been eyeing for the past two years. She had a hard choice!…we walked in circles eyeing and touching everything as she tried to make her choice. So many pretty things!!! It was a bit overwhelming…until she spotted this beautiful doll on display with two other dolls. The doll had no hair. Her face immediately changed and her eyes got wide!…”Oh! Look mom! They have a doll with cancer!” She grinned from ear to ear!

I was pleased to see it, as well! Especially since it seems American Girl thinks of everything else to try to represent every kind of girl and interest.

Rewind to about two months ago…Hannah cried watching a video circulating on Facebook of our friends’ friend opening her AG doll equipped with a prosthetic leg that was custom made just for her by a wonderful charity organization… Sheer joy wrapped in buckets of tears as that beautiful child hugged her doll tight and exclaimed “she’s just like me”. Hannah’s friend has since ordered one, too. ❤️

That was an eye opener for Hannah.

She never cared if someone has blond hair or purple, what color someone’s skin is, or whether they can walk or need a wheelchair… Hannah loves you for being YOU! However, I don’t think she ever thought what it might be like to be in the other child’s shoes…until that video. She was asking me why the girl was crying so hard? It was a great question and prompted a good discussion between us. I guess it sunk in…

I also thought…Hannah has every imaginable medical accessory for her dolls…including two wheelchairs, hearing aid, casts, crutches, head gear…you name it! So, I thought she was going to change her mind and buy the doll with no hair for herself instead of what was in the bag❤️

But no…she did something I’ll never forget and makes me cry every time I replay the heartwarming interaction in my head…

She put down the shopping bag of accessories she was carrying and grabbed my hand. She looked me in the eyes and said with the most serious and thoughtful expression: “Mama? I really want to but that doll for H” …what I expected her to say next was, can YOU buy it for her? But no…she said “I want to use my money to get her the doll, and I won’t get a doll for me. I just want to make H happy. Is that ok?”

I was speechless…my eyes welled with tears. My daughter had the most beautiful selfless moment and I was about to lose control of my emotions right there in front of everyone in the store… I had to whisper my answer. I had to compose myself. Of course I support that beautiful decision! Yes!!! She reached over and grabbed the sales ticket to bring to the associate for ordering the doll…and I knew her decision was made❤️

I’ve always taught her to do things to make others smile❤️ But honestly, I also see how spoiled she is… Her playroom is ridiculous! So sometimes, I worry about her skewed view of the world. I want her to want happiness for herself, but also want happiness for others! Naturally, I worry she doesn’t “get it” sometimes… But this decision she made yesterday told me she absolutely gets it and she has a heart of gold. She truly cares for others and wants to make a very special little girl who has been through more than anyone can imagine…Happy!

Hannah was looking forward to this trip to the AG store for MONTHS! She saved money she earned and money her grandparents gave her to buy things she’s been eyeing for a long time… And in one second…one glance at a special doll who made her think of somebody besides herself…everything changed. Her priorities for that special shopping trip shifted to making someone else happy…and it was no longer about Hannah❤️ Her heart was content making another little girl smile. ❤ I could not have been more proud. I am so blessed to be her mom❤️


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