I’ve already discussed in multiple posts that over exerting my muscles causes them to “shut down” and I get very weak.  It takes days or has even taken weeks to start feeling better and stronger after episodes and crises like that!  But over the years I’ve learned that the crisis and downward spiral of losing strength and sometimes difficulty breathing is triggered by other things as well…

Here are some other triggers for decreased strength and/or breathing difficulty that are NOT related to the obvious Over Exertion or Repetitive Motions (those two triggers are why laundry folding may kill me someday! Repetitive Motions plus HOT clothes from the dryer…But I hate wrinkles… Sooo the struggle is real, people!  Because ironing means exposing my self to HEAT, too…which is also a trigger! I can’t win! Lol):HEAT!!!!  I think next to exerting my muscles too much, this is the biggest drain in my strength but it also makes it harder for me to catch my breath. So naturally I live in the desert where it’s hotter than hell in the summer!  Lol!  (But really, as long as I am in air conditioning most of the time, I’m ok!)

HUMIDITY.  So glad I moved away from Illinois summers (a reason I heart the dry desert even though it gives me lizard skin on my feet and hands!) I think the humid Illinois summers were trying to kill me!! Didn’t help that the house I grew up in didn’t have central air!! Instead of having fun running around in the summer, I spent a lot of days sitting around feeling sweaty and weak, and having trouble catching my breath.  Good times.

FULL STOMACH. Well, I should always be able to avoid this one! But we all know I can’t say no to dessert when I go out to dinner! I am full from dinner but snarf it down anyway, and then I regret it for multiple reasons! Lol mostly because I have trouble catching my breath.

one or two drinks is my max…depending on the size of the drink!

ALCOHOL: This affects my strength as well as my breathing. Especially wine, for some strange reason? This is probably one of the main reasons I’m not a party animal and I’m always designated driver!  Yay me!!!  Lol. I do enjoy a fruity frozen drink on vacations at the beach, but really no more than one or two drinks or I feel weak.  No fun feeling weak and floppy when you aren’t even drunk yet!  Lol!

i ❤️ lattes

CAFFEINE. This does not make me weaker, but if I have too much it affects my breathing. I love Starbucks lattes! Probably too much! (If there is such a thing as too much?)  I just can’t drink three in a row!  Pretty sure I’d barf if I did that!  So no worries there. But asking for extra shots of espresso is usually a no-no… See? CMS robs me of overindulging in food, alcohol and caffeine!  How am I supposed to have any fun around here???

Family Road Trip! no thanks… I’d rather fly…

SITTING on my a– TOO LONG (like a day of driving) makes me feel like jelly and like I’m weighted by lead bricks. Ironic since I’m technically not over exerting myself!  I’m resting!  But it’s a cruel reality.  Too much rest in a seated position is a bad thing. Go figure! So driving across the country does NOT sound good to me.  Besides, I have road trip PTSD! I once got left at a gas station somewhere in Oklahoma because my soon-to-be-father-in-law thought I was still alseep under my unworn wedding dress in the backseat and my car induced narcoleptic husband-to-be was snoring away in the front seat and failed to stay awake for two extra minutes to pass on the message to FIL that I’d run to the restroom while he was busy paying inside!!!  But that’s an adventurous story for another day …

wipe out!!!!

i hate being cold!!!!!

Yes, we get snow in the desert…but it’s rare!

COLD WEATHER. I’m talking sub zero windchill of Chicago winters type of cold…where your face is frozen and your nostrils and lungs turn into icicles!  I shiver endlessly and can’t get warm.  The tense muscles from shivering drains my strength really easily.  Forget trying to walk through deep snow… Or trying to stay balanced on the ice!  Those deplete my strength in no time!  So, this is another reason why I love living in the desert.  Not to mention wearing lots of layers gets too heavy on my arms and makes them weak, too!  I hate wearing jackets!!!


at least im blessed as being one of those oeople who doesn’t look like a freak when they are ill!

ILLNESS.  Well, don’t we all feel run down when we are sick?  Just multiply that by an exponential number for my condition.  Lucky me.

i mean that with the utmost respect…if anyone in my fMiky says they are normal? be most cautious if THAT person! 😉

like…divide your Skittles and eat them in the correct color order with no deviation…then all will be right in your anxiety ridden world again!

STRESS…well pretty sure this is one of my main traits.  Goes side by side with anxiety!  So I can’t avoid this one… But when it’s particularly high, it’s harder to breathe, makes me tense which in turn makes me feel like jelly… So, I embrace it and do the best I can!  Because you know, the world will end or someone will die if I don’t eat my Skittles in the right order, people!!!  Clearly, I have problems. But people say they love me anyway!  Lol

LACK OF SLEEP: This is a hilarious concept… because I’m pretty sure “sleep” suddenly became a myth since I became a mother… But really!  If I don’t get enough sleep, I get weak.  This is a tough one for me because I’m a night owl!  My creative juices flow at night and I’m ready to take on the world! My brain won’t shut off! So, I will clean the house (well the kitchen maybe), do a load of laundry, edit photos and write blogs…and surf Facebook of course!  But then the alarm goes off in the AM and I wanna die. Morning Terra hates Nighttime Terra! Too many productive nights…counting the lazy non-productive nights spent watching too much reality television, will inevitably cause me to crash.  I also notice my facial muscles are much weaker when I’ve been lacking sleep. Don’t ask me to smile…I can’t. Then I must wait for the jelly muscles to wake up again!  I never seem to learn my lesson.  I just want to be able to do everything I WANT to do all the time…but that doesn’t always match what my muscles allow me to do.

I keep meaning to try this every month to see if it helps?

Last but least… My favorite… HORMONES!  Good thing this is only once a month… Ya know, when I’m already feeling bloated and crabby!  Love it!  Can you feel my sarcasm???

So basically I try to avoid those triggers as much as possible, but it’s really impossible sometimes.  I learn to listen to my body and try to minimize the exposures as best I can.

Overall, this is one of the things I tell myself when I get down on how complicated my life can be sometimes!!! I am blessed with so many reasons to smile!  Even if CMS makes that smile crooked 😜


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