Who am I?

Since I’ve had so many visitors here whom I’ve never met, I figure the polite thing to do is introduce myself!😊

Let’s see…

I’m a wife.  My husband rocks and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime! We met when I was 12 and I think I was annoyed by him at first sight…but he really grew on me!  Lol!!!  We are the best of friends and I love him with all my heart❤️. He puts up with my crazy shenanigans, my clumsiness, my awkwardness and he has made so many of my dreams come true❤️. I swear I don’t deserve him…but I’m sure lucky to have him by my side❤️

I am also a mother to a beautiful miracle. Infertility sucks.  It REALLY sucks. I never fought so hard for anything in my life, until I “fought” to be a mother.  I endured lots of heartache and loss along the way. But we didn’t give up! I am so very blessed to have my precious daughter. ❤️ I just love her to pieces!!!

Ok. This one is huge… I LOVE Starbucks.  I don’t just mean I like to drink it, occasionally… I mean I’d love to drink it every day, multiple times a day instead of eating and I’d be perfectly content!  Lol. I’m pretty sure I’m keeping the company alive with my guilty pleasure/habit…

I’m a Midwest girl at heart now living in Arizona. I grew up in the burbs of Chicago and still love it there! But the winters are too much for us. Some people prefer NOT to bake and melt in the heat…which honestly is pretty miserable…but I’d rather be hot for a couple months in the summer and enjoy blue skies and gorgeous weather the rest of the year than endure harsh Chicago winters, bitter cold and grey skies for so many months!

I LOVE to travel and take vacations!  I need to win the lotto because my job really dampens my ability to take off anytime I get the urge! Yet, it so graciously funds the trips, too.  So it’s a love/hate codependent type of unhealthy relationship. Dumb job! Lol!

I love animals. I have two dogs and one cat.  I could write a blog about the lab we adopted last year… Feel free to follow him on Instagram! He’s quite the character with his own little following…

I love watching my daughter play sports.  She’s phenomenal. I’m not just saying that because I’m her mother!  Seriously…she loves sports and has no reservations about choosing to join an all boys team instead of the girls team.  I never had that much confidence!  She rocks!  She insists she will play baseball forever and never switch to softball…  She also plays soccer and basketball.

I am also an attorney.  *yawn*  (That’s the dumb job I referred to earlier that cramps my traveling time yet pays for the trips when we do get to take time off!)  I hate the courtroom.  So, I sit at a computer and “argue” on paper instead of in front of people😉 I’m much better at arguing on paper.  I cry when I get angry!  That would not go over well in the courtroom… Lol!!!

I’m also a photographer.  It’s my creative outlet!  I love taking family portraits.

I love music. I used to sing in choir and play the violin.  The violin got too hard to hold when I was younger and I was too embarrassed to wear the special brace my parents had made for me to wear while I practiced. So I gave it up 😢 singing I can do anywhere and everywhere… You can hear me belting out whatever’s on the radio in my car, and of course the shower…

Ummm… That’s all I can think of at the moment!  So, there ya go!  That’s me in a nutshell! 😊 you’ll figure me out eventually… 😊


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