First blog post

I am starting a blog! 

I have so many things tumbling around in my head that I want to share… this is my first post. I will tweak the blog later so it’s clear what Im here fur, but fur now it is simply the vehicle to share my story of my first 5K run and later to share my journey living with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome😊 they are closely related.  Because of CMS, I would’ve never dreamed of completing a 5K 20 years ago… But I’m am blessed with a difficult journey that finally led me to a neurologist who gave me treatment that controls my symptoms enough that I can exercise, live a full life, raise a family, have a full-time job, pursue hobbies, travel, care for a husband who needs assistance with daily living activities, raise a beautiful and sporty daughter…  

I can do it all! It does not mean it is easy!  But I’m so grateful to be where I am today 😊

Here goes!!!


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